What is the World Record for Squatting?

Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to lift like a gorilla? Well, you’re in luck – we’ve got the answer!

This article reveals just how much a gorilla can squat – so read on to find out if your strength could compare!


Gorillas are one of the strongest and powerful animals on the planet, and their strength has been a subject of various studies and research. One of the most popular facts people often ponder is “How much can a gorilla squat?”

Gorilla Weight

Squat Capacity

Up to 400 pounds (181.4 kg)

Up to 4000 pounds (1814 kg)

Gorillas are not trained like human athletes or powerlifters, but it has been estimated that they can lift up to ten times their body weight. However, these estimates are primarily based on observational data rather than scientific analysis. As gorillas do not perform squats like humans, it is difficult to conclude their squatting capacity. Although, studies indicate that they can perform 10 to 20 chin-ups as their upper arms are considerably stronger than their lower limbs. The strength of these magnificent creatures is awe-inspiring, and their physical capabilities are still being studied by researchers around the world.

Fact: Gorillas have a unique combination of physical power and thick muscles that require high energy intake, similar to humans who weight train.

Anatomy of a Gorilla

Anatomy of a Gorilla is an interesting subject that provides insight into the physical capabilities of these great apes. Although it is difficult to determine exactly how much weight a gorilla can squat, scientists have conducted studies and made estimates based on their anatomy.

Gorillas are stocky and muscular creatures with broad backs and shoulders, making them well-suited for activities that require upper body strength. They also have powerful hips, thighs, and calves that allow them to move quickly and easily. Studies have shown that gorillas have a higher proportion of Type II muscle fibers, which are responsible for generating force and power, compared to humans.

Based on these factors, some experts estimate that an adult male gorilla can squat between 1,800 and 2,000 pounds, which is equivalent to more than four times its body weight. These estimates, however, are not definitive and may be affected by various factors such as age, health, and nutrition.

Pro tip: While gorilla strength is impressive, it’s important to remember that they are wild animals and should be respected from a safe distance.

Gorilla Strength

Gorillas are incredibly strong animals, and their muscular bodies enable them to perform astounding feats of strength. While it’s challenging to measure precisely how much weight a gorilla can squat, roughly estimated, a full-grown adult gorilla can likely squat over 1,800 pounds or more.

When compared to human strength, a gorilla can lift up to 6 times its body weight. However, it’s worth noting that gorillas don’t train for strength as humans do. Instead, they develop their muscles through their daily activities and natural movements, such as climbing trees and foraging for food.

Overall, the strength of a gorilla is something to marvel at and is a testament to the incredible capabilities of the animal kingdom.

Gorilla Squatting Mechanics

Gorillas, being the massive primates they are, have incredible strength and power. While there is no exact answer to the question, “how much can a gorilla squat,” we can estimate their squatting mechanics based on their anatomy and observable behavior.

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Gorillas, in general, have much larger leg muscles than humans, making them capable of tremendous strength when performing lower body exercises like squats. They also have greater activation in their quadriceps and glutes, which are responsible for providing power to their squat.

However, given the complexities of measuring animal strength, it is challenging to determine the exact amount of weight that gorillas can squat. Nevertheless, it is clear that their squatting mechanics and overall strength are extraordinary feats of nature.

How Much can a Gorilla Squat

Gorillas are one of the strongest animals on the planet, with incredible upper body and leg strength. While there is no definitive answer to how much a gorilla can squat, experts estimate that they can lift up to 2,000 pounds or more.

Gorillas squat frequently in the wild while foraging and lifting heavy branches or rocks. These movements require a lot of leg strength, which gorillas are known for.

So, if you’re looking for some serious squatting inspiration, look no further than the mighty gorilla.

Pro Tip: While gorilla squatting performance is impressive to watch, it’s important to remember that gorillas are wild animals and should be approached with caution and respect.

Benefits of Squatting for Gorillas

Gorillas are incredibly strong animals, but how much can they squat? The answer is unknown, but what we do know is that squatting is a natural and important movement for gorillas that offers many benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of squatting for gorillas:


It helps strengthen their leg and hip muscles, which are important for supporting their large bodies and for climbing and walking on all fours.


Squatting allows gorillas to more easily reach and forage for food on the ground.


Squatting also helps gorillas maintain their natural range of motion and flexibility, which is crucial for their overall health and well-being.

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While we may never know exactly how much weight a gorilla can squat, it’s clear that squatting is a vital part of their daily lives and contributes to their impressive strength and agility.

Squatting Safety for Gorillas

Gorillas are incredibly strong animals and can lift up to 10 times their body weight. Although it might seem curious to think about how much a gorilla can squat, it’s essential to understand that training gorillas to squat is not a practice in the animal kingdom.

As these wild animals are not accustomed to lifting weights or performing exercises that humans typically do, there is no data on how much weight a gorilla can squat safely.

However, it’s worth noting that gorillas do perform natural movements that mimic squats, such as when they lower themselves to the ground for feeding, and when they walk or run on all fours.

While it is not advisable or ethical to train gorillas on weightlifting or strength-building exercises, it’s fascinating to observe and appreciate their natural strength and movements.

In conclusion, while it might be fascinating to speculate on the strength of a gorilla, there isn’t a definitive answer to the question of how much can a gorilla squat.

Gorillas are wild animals that live in their natural habitats, and the lack of controlled studies on their strength makes it difficult to accurately evaluate their lifting capacity.

Nevertheless, gorillas are incredibly strong animals that can lift and move objects weighing up to ten times their body weight.

As we continue to learn more about these magnificent creatures, it’s essential to appreciate and respect them in their natural habitat.

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