What games will be compatible with Razer’s dev kit

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Razer’s new dev kit has been making ripples in the gaming world, as it promises to revolutionize how developers make and distribute games. The dev kit has a powerful processor, advanced GPU capabilities, plenty of RAM and internal storage, and a wide range of ports. But what sort of games are compatible with Razer’s dev kit?

This guide will bring you up to speed on which Razer’s new dev kit supports game platforms. Since the device is still relatively new, some games may not be available. In this guide we’ll explain what type of games are compatible with the Razer dev kit and which devices can use its powerful capabilities. We’ll also offer some tips on how to get started developing for this platform so you can make the most out of your game development experience when using Razer’s dev kit.

Razer launches handheld dev kit with brand new Snapdragon G3x chip

Razer has recently announced the launch of its handheld dev kit, which includes the brand new Snapdragon G3x chip. This chip is expected to bring a new level of gaming performance, as it can run games at 1080p resolution, with a framerate of 120FPS. In addition, it is also capable of running cloud-based virtual reality applications.

With this dev kit, game developers can now build a variety of innovative titles, suitable for mobile and console gamers.

Hardware Specifications

The Razer Handheld Dev Kit is a console-quality, cross-platform device that enables developers to create games for TV and mobile. It has impressive hardware specs, a 7-inch HD IPS display, Qualcomm® 3065 8-core processor and 8GB of storage capacity. It also runs on the Android OS 10 operating system so that developers can easily port their existing games to the system. Additionally, the device offers 4GB of RAM, dual speakers and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for low latency gaming performance. It also includes two USB-C ports for wired connections to PCs or external sources.

Regarding gameplay features, the dev kit houses an array of advanced input solutions such as a pressure sensitive Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Plus controller that offers precision feedback and haptic response and an additional control pad or a full character motion controller depending on the user’s preference. The Joypad Pro features twin analog sticks, D-Pad and shoulder buttons for core controller gaming however users may wish to experience a game more traditionally through force feedback triggers or six degrees of freedom (6DoF) sensors integrated into all versions of the console. Additionally, graphics feature support up to 1080p@60 fps with Open GL ES 3 support, HDR 10 video support* and Dolby Atmos Audio*.

qualcomm snapdragon kampstechcrunch gen gaming platform

Software Specifications

Razer’s Handheld Dev Kit is powered by an Intel® Atom™ processor, specifically the 1.33GHz quad-core Intel® AtomTM x7-Z8750 Processor. Supporting 4GB of RAM and integrated graphics with 24EU’s, the devs kit also runs Windows 10 Home 64bit edition. This setup supports the Unity 3D and Unreal Engine game development platforms to help develop games on its portable platform.

Furthermore, developers can take advantage of the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, Hall sensor and more to take full advantage of the unique hardware capabilities offered by Razer’s latest dev kit.

Razer’s dev kit aims to offer developers a device that can easily transition from pre-production stages to prototyping both hardware and software. It has an enhanced back navigation system with touch end caps that mobile developers can use directly out of the box for any game development. Additionally, the input features for this device come in various forms:

  • Several analog sticks plus a four button D pad and four face buttons.
  • 12 trigger keys.
  • Optional connectors for expanded hardware add-ons like omni-directional sensors or controllers.
  • Other supplementary input devices such as USB Type 3.2 storage or webcams could be attached to its USB A port before going into production stages of development.
qualcomm snapdragon kampstechcrunch g3x gaming platform

Compatible Games

Razer recently released a new handheld dev kit with a new Snapdragon G3x chip. This dev kit is compatible with a wide range of games, so it’s important to look into the games that are compatible with the kit.

Not all games are compatible, so it’s worth understanding what games are available on the platform and how they work with the dev kit. In this section, we’ll discuss the games compatible with the Razer dev kit and the features that come with them.

Existing Games

Razer’s dev kit can port your games to the mobile gaming market from different platforms. Developers can provide their own game optimizing solutions, allowing their games to quickly become accessible on different architectures and other platforms. However, if developers do not opt for Razer Game Optimization, their existing games may not be compatible with Razer’s platform.

For existing games looking for compatibility with Razer’s platform, developers should contact the teams at each corresponding gaming studio or publisher to set up compatibility testing. It is important that the testing is done properly to ensure compatible performance with the Razer dev kit. Developers should also provide a patch or release candidate for each game before it can be tested for functionality on multiple platforms.

While most of today’s popular gaming titles may already be compatible with Razer’s mobile optimizer toolkit and have been tested by various studios and publishers, some older titles may require additional tweaking or optimizations before they can be playable on Android devices. Additionally, creators should ensure that all sources of potential incompatibilities are thoroughly identified and remedied before release as this can significantly reduce delays or issues post-release.

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Upcoming Games

Razer has announced a powerful new development kit for game developers. With it, gamers can get the latest and greatest gaming hardware right out of the box. But what games will be compatible with Razer’s dev kit?

The current list of upcoming games that are compatible with Razer’s dev kit includes: “Terraria”, “Subnautica”, “Overwatch”, “StarCraft II”, “PlanetSide 2”, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, “Far Cry 4”, “Lords of the Fallen”, “Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” and more.

Players can also expect to find a variety of titles available in different genres on the kit, such as sports, fighting, role playing, adventure, and puzzle. With so many new titles, players can enjoy the immersive experiences that come with these games without purchasing an entire console.

Razer has also ensured their kit supports virtual reality (VR) gaming as many upcoming titles are compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift platforms. As well as experience some of the most incredible worldbuilding across various platforms from developers like Blizzard Entertainment and Rockstar Games.


After exploring the Razer dev kit and researching compatible games, we can conclude that the Razer dev kit allows players to experience various gaming styles. Compatible games include:

  • Classic arcade-style games.
  • Shooting and racing titles.
  • Strategy-based titles.
  • Even virtual reality experiences.

Furthermore, with their advanced processor and graphics card, many of these compatible titles will have vastly improved graphics and lighting effects.

When buying the Razer dev kit, consider the types of games you’re looking for and be sure to research whether or not they are compatible with this specialized platform. This way you can ensure a smooth transition from one game genre to another without any issues.

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